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Reinvent your competitive ecosystem by rewriting the rules of the game 

Research. Strategy. Consulting. 

Galado Interactive is an IT consultancy providing unmatched services in competitive research, strategy, and consulting. We help innovation-driven companies with competitive research, product roadmaps, go-to-market strategy, and market analysis.


High-quality research is an important building block for creating a competitive advantage and building a profit-driven business model. Our team has extensive experience in conducting high-quality research.

New Markets

If your company is interested in expanding into new markets domestically or internationally, we can help. With the right strategy, expanding across the globe can be very rewarding.


It's time to look inward into your business model and take a self-assessment. Determine where you are relative to the competition. Perhaps it's time to redefine your mission and broaden your target market.

Product Ideas

Building innovative product requires great ideas. Sometimes it's best to look for outside expertise. We have experience working with private and public companies.


We provide a comprehensive range of go-to-market services to help clients build a strong competitive advantage.

Designing and executing the right strategy can an idea from zero to maximum market impact in months.

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