We're Galado Interactive. 
A marketing communications company
committed to helping clients grow market share.


Galado Interactive is an technology media company that publishes news and analysis on the cloud infrastructure industry. Our mission is to help technology professionals stay informed on the latest developments by providing content and insight on trends, startups, products, features, business models, and innovations. Our team delivers industry leading insight through our websites, social media, newsletters, and technology reports.

is a core competitive      
advantage that helps companies stay ahead. 


Conducting high quality competitive research is an important building block in creating a competitive advantage. If done properly, it can lead to a business model that is ahead of the competition. For every research engagement, we develop an analytical framework to access your competitive environment. We can do this because we bring specific domain knowledge and broad industry experience to every market research project.     

services that generate     
dramatic results for every client engagement. 


There is a no magic formula when it comes to writing content. Although content is king in the world of technology infrastructure, writing effective and compelling content that engages the target audience is challenging. And writing content shouldn't be a one-time thing or even a monthly activity, but a continuous flow of ideas that manifest itself several times of week on different platforms. Standing out in an industry full of noise is what we do best, and we can help you project your voice in the crowded market.

portfolio of marketing tools       
that maximizes target market engagement. 


We're also a marketing communications company focused on cloud infrastructure. We provide a comprehensive range of marketing services including demand generation, email marketing and automation, competitive research, copywriting, drip campaigns, and more. Having worked with many of the leading technology infrastructure companies, we understand what it takes to build a powerful brand, capture your target market's attention, and most importantly, generate qualified leads for your sales team.

demand for your        
products and services in no time. 


Strong lead generation is a key requirement to sales success. Developing the right marketing strategy in an ever-changing industry is a challenge. Throughout the years, Galado Interactive has developed a process to help companies reach their target audience cost effectively. We'll sit down with you and craft a powerful digital media strategy that gets the job done. Using a portfolio of next generation tools, platforms, methods and best practices, we'll help you generate numerous leads and dramatically increase your conversions. 

Our marketing    
is focused on the cloud         
infrastructure industry and its segments.  


Our marketing services are focused on the cloud infrastructure industry. We define cloud infrastructure as services related to cloud compute, cloud storage, cloud security, content delivery networks, global networking, and edge compute. We have years of experience working with companies in these industries. Our team is well equipped in taking complex technology concepts, which innovators introduce regularly, and crafting simplified messaging that helps sell the story to a global audience.     

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